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  • Ms. Margaret West

    Sakshay International is the Family and company and we also our family and company for America. They have been warm hand shake across the and take to make us film welcome and to find a where do you bussiness across the miles.

  • Ms. Becky Huston

    So it's really helped us to have Sakshay help us negotiate us rating in buying in India.

  • John

    Hi, I'm John from studio review and I have worked already for some years now with Sakshay International and I could advice anyone who want to start business in India, because they are a very good agency that can help you in any way, and any problem or any thing they are there for you.

  • Debora

    I would like to thank Sakshay for years of partnership. Working with this company has been a constant learning experience about all that India has to offer.

  • Ghislaine Dubrule & Paul Dubrule

    We've been working with Sakshay for more than 15 years. We are very excited about this partnership and we look forward to keep working with this company and selling these products in all of our stores.

  • Violet Gryy Designs

    SAKSHAY have proven to be very reliable and helpful.

  • Fanel

    SAKSHAY has been providing us with excellent and outstanding service for more than a decade. Their willingness to assist with any matter is proof that they will go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction.
    Their service exceeds all expectations.

  • The Trend

    We have the pleasure of working with the team for the last 3 years. Their professional approach to business and the integrity they provide makes business with them a truly wonderful experience. We can truly recommend them to any person in the industry. Their hospitality is unsurpassed.

  • Mobel

    SAKSHAY has exceeded our expectations. We never thought that buying container loads could be so easy and profitable.

  • The Natural Light

    We have been acquainted with India for many years. Having Sakshay as our ambassador for business in India, has made our experiences there most enjoyable and efficient. It has been a real pleasure.

  • Schilliger Boutique

    Very effective in sourcing for the products we want. They can do this because they are ruthless in dealing with their contacts in their demands for quality workmanship and promises in timely delivery. Their professionalism is a legend.

  • Interlude

    SAKSHAY’s resourcefulness and integrity are unmatched in India. Its a pleasure to do business with them.

  • C.A. Distribuidora Kopyko

    SAKSHAY is a trusted partner in the business. I have no hesitation in commending SAKSHAY to serve you as well.