Shipping & Logistics

Ensuring Quick and Hassle-Free Shipping

We never stop our working even after the inspection as we strongly believe in perfection through continuous improvement. Our motto is to ship the buyer best of goods and to make sure the item has been properly delivered. The shipments are carefully stuffed under the supervision of Sakshay representatives. Our team members thoroughly check the containers /cartons/cartons-placement in containers and also share the with buyers to keep them updated. We also provide our buyers with a template that shows the products inside the container. Our work doesn't stop at stuffing and we also maintain a regular contact with forwarder for timely sailing of shipment. We duly send all documents to buyer on time and this helps the buyer to get the shipment without in hassle. We assure efficient freight forwarding services, by both air and sea, to national as well as international destinations. We also offer other associated services for your benefit like multi modal transportation, couriers services and other global freight forwarder services along with some special services..


We always prefer to communicate with exporters before hand in order to avoid to last-minute delays, this helps us to do the needful well within time like we request for stuffing projection in advance / we make timely documents requests and share our consolidation projection with our customer from time to time

Custom Clearance

We take care of the entire custom clearance, from documentation to stuffing and DE stuffing of goods at various locations like , Delhi / Moradabad / Jaipur / Jodhpur / Mumbai / Chennai / etc. Our entire procedure is listed below-


We undertake transportation of goods via various means and ensure utmost care and work according to your conveniences.

Cargo Warehousing

We provide secured and convenient warehousing services for your cargo so as to cut down your fixed overhead costs.

Multi Modal Transport

We are authorized to carry out transportation of goods through various modes.

Sea Freight

Trust us to carry out reliable, timely and hassle-free sea freight services for all kind of products

Air Freight

Dispatching your freight on time and at desired location is our prime responsibility.

Special Services

We offer some special services to further simplify your task of forwarding cargo to national and international destinations

Domestic & Door to Door Delivery

We take care of your domestic cargo movement as well, both by air and rail.

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