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Who are Buying agent?

A buying agent is a person who is appointed by the buyer to act or to work on his behalf and is paid by the buyer. Buying agent is a person who helps in facilitating the trade between Importer & Exporter

What do a buying agent do?

A buying agent services includes effective communication, product development, quality assurance, cost negotiation ,timely shipment ,documentation and any other Business Need of the buyer in Exporting country.

How a buying agent get paid?

A buying agent work on the behalf of the buyer and thus is paid by the buyer, as per the industry standard , a typical percentage of the invoice value is charged as fees by the Buying Agent. This fee is by mutual agreement between the buyer and his agent.

Why should a company have a buying agency?

Due to the dynamics of the international trade the are lot of difference between the culture ,language, Government policy ,time etc. the need of buying agent arise.

What are the characteristics of a good buying agency?

Complete and through knowledge of Indian trade and very well versed with Sourcing, Correct pricing, quality and Logistic requirements.

What are the various services sakshay is providing to their clients?

Sakshay provides all buyer Business needs right from sourcing to ensuring merchandise should reach Buyers facility in sound condition, which requires quality control, Documentation and Logistics arrangements.

If we choose Sakshay, what makes us to choose only Sakshay/ What are the USPs of Sakshay?

Trusted name in the trade from last 21 years which registered with all councils of Indian and Trade promotions, having own offices in all strategically locations of India and overseas with very well trained team of professionals in Quality needs and supporting with one document consolidation with various exporters at ease.

How many offices they have in India ?

Today the organization has its offices in Greater Noida (Expo Mart), Jodhpur, Jaipur, Saharanpur, Roorkee, Panipat, Karur (South India), Mumbai & international associates are in Singapore, New Zealand, Venezuela & New York with the Corporate head quarter in New Delhi (NCR)

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