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A leading sourcing company in India, offering quality and integrity in every service.
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Corporate Profile

Almost two decades old, Sakshay International started its operations as a buying house.

The journey of excellence can only be measured in laurels. Our chairman, Mr. S.S. Bhatnagar, receiving the lifetime achievement award from the cabinet ministers of textiles and handicraft from the Export Promotion Council of Handicrafts for our distinguished contribution to the industry.

Established over two decades ago Sakshay International started its operations as a buying house its office in New Delhi specializing mainly in sourcing of handcrafted items along with exquisite gift items, garments and home furnishings. Today the organization has its offices in Greater Noida (Expo Mart), Jodhpur, Jaipur, Saharanpur, Roorkee, Panipat, Karoor (South India), Mumbai & international associates are in Singapore, New Zealand, Venezuela & New York with the Corporate head quarter in New Delhi (NCR)

Sakshay being a process driven organization with a well-knit network of vendors has been catering to the needs of its clients worldwide by offering the best quality merchandise at most competitive prices. All offices of the company are well-equipped with latest communication facilities and have their own resources to expedite the process of buying thereby making the organization fulfill its client's needs in the least possible time.

Sakshay International, supported by a qualified team of over fifty people, is today catering to the needs of its clients in various countries.

Work Methodology

We ensure smooth delivery of goods from India to any overseas destination

We believe in building relationships that prove to be an advantageous business venture both for us as well for the clients we associate with.

To facilitate the process of buying we are always at the service of our prospective clients from the day they land in India. We support them in all the necessary procedures and ensure that their trip is not only beneficial but a memorable experience.

We adopt the following methodology :

We make sure that all merchandises are properly labelled and match the quality standards. We are committed to provide impeccable service and support and look forward to work with our clients in a positive symbiotic relationship. The logistics of services provided start from product development till the final selection to safe and sound arrival of the selected products at your warehouse. We keep the buyers informed of relevant government regulations, policies and quotas for ease of business management and simplify chalking their sourcing strategies.

We pay due attention to the buyer's feedback report on each shipment and present to it to the vendor for any necessary action to improve future shipments.

Our Team

We have a dedicated team of skilled professionals, to bring good quality merchandise

Sakshay 's Experienced Team:-

Sakshay International has highly experienced professionals in the organization that strive for customer's satisfaction and give complete service from supplier's end to delivery of the goods to buyers. Sakshay bridges the gap between the buyers and vendors and our primary motive is to fulfill all requirements of our overseas customer at any cost. See the teams :-

Merchandising Team : Sakshay has a well-experienced team of merchandisers who have been sincerely fulfilling all buyer's requirements from more than 20 years. Our team is highly efficient in replying all the queries from end of buyers as well as suppliers.

Sourcing Team : Sakshay has a strong sourcing team in the belt, the sourcing team works in accordance with requirements of customers and can efficiently source the choicest of handicrafts and provide them readily for a review. Our sourcing team boasts of a wide range of collection handpicked from various parts of India.

Quality Team : Sakshay have very vigilant and technical QA team that conducts a thorough quality check on 3 levels. Each order goes through In-line checking, Mid-line checking and Final QC. Each quality check level has strict parameters which are duly followed from the beginning to the final packaging of the goods. Our quality team uses the latest equipment and the quality checks are conducted according to different categories- Soft and Hard line products.

Logistics Team : Sakshay has its own logistic and operation team that efficiently handles transportation, stuffing LCL / FCL shipment and even coordinates with shipping line and buyer's nominated forwarder shipments and needless to say, the entire team is well-experienced in this vast field. Sakshay International in one roof for customers in one window they will get all the services.


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